Sin Chew Business Excellence Awards

LOCUS-T Takes Away Two Sin Chew Business Excellence Awards


LOCUS-T wins the “Digital and Technology Business Excellence Award” and the “Business Excellence Award” from Sin Chew Business Excellence Awards

PETALING JAYA, Selangor – This week, LOCUS-T received the “Digital and Technology Business Excellence Award” and the “Business Excellence Award” from Sin Chew Business Excellence Awards for their utmost excellence in all key business management disciplines.


The Awards is positioned as one of the most trusted and prestigious business awards program in Malaysia with emphasis on strategic management approaches. Its primary target audience is SMEs by nomination followed by secondary audience in the non-SMEs corporate sector by invitation.

Since 1999, LOCUS-T has been specialising in Internet Marketing industry even when Internet Marketing was still new to the world. By utilizing the search engines on the internet, they are one of the earliest Pioneer search marketing agency in Malaysia that is partnered with Google AdWords Premier SME Partner, Authorized Channel Partner, and Sole Strategic Partner for Baidu, Official PayPal Partner and many more.

With 19 years of experience, they have offered their professional services in strategic Internet Marketing solutions (SEO, SEM, PPC, Display Network Advertising) to more than 6,000 clients.

With Locus-T ever growing digital marketing business and their ability to adapt to the ever changing business environment, they have successfully won two awards from the Sin Chew Business Excellence Awards which are the “Digital and Technology Business Excellence Award” and the “Business Excellence Award”.

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5 Effective Ways to Optimize Your Keyword Usage

Effective Keywords

Let’s say you own a clothing brand in Kuala Lumpur.  You’re just starting out but you’ve got the means and the budget for an effective online campaign.

The aim of your campaigns is to establish a digital presence and create awareness for itself. So this means that you’ll have to be on top of your SEO game to make it happen.

But after 5 months of producing consistent content, your website is still stuck on the 20th page of Google search results. You wonder what you’re doing wrong.

Is your content too long? Is it too descriptive? Is that even a thing? Did you fail to follow certain guidelines?

All of these questions plague your mind. Just what exactly are you doing wrong?

In reality, while your content matters, it’s actually the type of keywords you use that make all the difference!

1. Use Synonyms

One of the best things about Google is that it’s great at identifying similar words. So if you’re running out of keywords to implement into your content, use synonyms.

For example:

  • Auto repairs
  • Auto inspection services
  • Auto upgrades
  • Auto repair service

Synonyms you can use: fix, mend, restoration, restore, customization, installation etc.

Despite the fact that Google isn’t aware of the intent of the keywords, it can still identify keyword clusters and create search results based on the core of these keywords and synonyms.

2. Use a Keyword Research Tool

If you believe that businesses create their own keywords, that’s far from the truth. You will need to use a keyword finder to find relevant keywords in your field/industry. For this, Google AdWords is the perfect software that will help you find the right keywords.

3. Split The Keywords/Placement Matters

How you optimize keywords makes all the difference. Don’t make the rookie mistake of inserting them wherever you feel they look good.

Keywords need to be strategically placed so that the content looks natural. You don’t want it to look too “sales-y,” i.e., making the reader uncomfortable.

Think about it.

Would you invest in a brand if it comes on too strong about how great they are? When you read an article, it should be convincing. An article should allow the reader to make decisions but also appeal to them.

For example: you have to use the keyword “auto repair services.”

Our auto repair services are reliable. If you’re looking for auto repair services in XYZ, we assure you that we are the best in the industry.

So get in touch with us for reliable auto repairs.

While this may not look as bad, it can drive away clients because it’s overwhelming to read. Notice how the paragraph uses “auto repair shop” multiple times. Repetition can distract readers and even drive them away!

Now take this example:

Are you looking for reliable auto repair services in KL? Feel free to contact us at 03-11223123.

Whether it’s repairs or maintenance, we offer reliable and quick solutions for all your automobile needs!

This example is more elaborate, talks about the services and the benefits of hiring the company. But more than that, it has strategically utilized the keyword without overwhelming the reader.

4. Analyze the Keywords

Just because Google AdWords gives you a set of keywords doesn’t mean you should use all of them. You need to analyze which keywords will be more beneficial.

Pick the keywords accordingly. On the bright side, you’ll get a Google Search Volume list that will show you how effective the keywords generated are.

For example:

  • Auto Repairs – 320
  • Auto Repair Shop – 320
  • Auto Inspection Services – 260
  • Fix Your Automobile – 160

This way, you can decide which keywords to pick.

5. Determine How Competitive Your Keywords Are

Google Ads uses a special algorithm to help you evaluate the value of your keywords. This will help you get a picture of how competitive your keywords are.

When you’re competing with different businesses in the same industry, you need to be on top of your game.

You’ll get a list of opportunity scores of the keywords and from there you can decide which ones to use.

Locus-T is an SEO Agency that offers comprehensive digital marketing solutions to businesses across Malaysia. Whether it’s SEO services, PPC marketing, FB Advertising or web development, they’ve got you covered!

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Projects For Happiness

Have you heard of the story of a boy, who tried to save a starfish that was washed up onto the beach? Despite his effort, an old man responded by telling him that it would not make a difference because there were thousands of starfishes lying on the beach. How many can the boy actually save?
The little boy picked up another starfish and threw it back into the sea. He told the old man that he could make a difference to this one. The old man then understood that every little act of kindness is capable of changing one person’s life.

At that moment, he started picking up the starfishes and throwing them back into the ocean. People who were walking by saw their actions and slowly, more and more people came to join in the effort of rescuing the starfishes.
KHIND Starfish Foundation is founded on the basis of this story, and they are now doing their part in giving back to society.

“Projects for Happiness” is a programme by KHIND, intended for university students to design a project aimed at eradicating poverty and social problems in Malaysia. KHIND encourages students to use their creativity and innovation to come up with projects that aim to promote happiness while emphasising on the cause of poverty and social problems. The themes that participants should focus on are: poverty eradication, education, cultural and performing arts, environmental protection, animal welfare and racial harmony when constructing their proposals.

Amelia Earhart once said, “A single act of kindness throws out roots in all directions, and the roots spring up and make new trees.”

WhatsApp Image 2017-06-30 at 12.23.45 PM
CEO of the KHIND Starfish Foundation, Cheng Ping Keat, at one of the ceremonies for this year’s Projects For Happiness.

Since 2014, KHIND has been funding a maximum of RM10,000 to each of the successful groups in this competition, so that their projects can become reality. Countless sponsored projects have been a success, such as volunteer-based tuition, providing jobs for Myanmar refugees and organising a play that features HIV-positive actors. These acts of kindness have brought smiles to so many individuals, fulfilling the purpose of the project.

In conjunction with this year’s “Projects for Happiness”, LOCUS-T Online will be lending a hand in giving back to the community. LOCUS-T Online is one of Malaysia’s leading online marketing companies endowed with 18 years of experience in the online advertising discipline. LOCUS-T Online provides services like Search Engine Optimisation (SEO), Google Adwords and Facebook advertising. This year, they will be sponsoring funds for this charitable programme while being part of the panel to judge the winners of the competition.

LOCUS-T Online, who is also a Google Adwords Premier Partner, is utilising this opportunity to accomplish its corporate social responsibility (CSR). Through “Projects for Happiness”, LOCUS-T wishes to gain a better understanding in CSR by involving themselves in this activity. In compliance with its objective in spreading happiness, LOCUS-T Online will make every effort to contribute to the underprivileged society.

For more information about “Projects for Happiness”, please log on to:

Two boys looking at the exhibition photos that were done by a group of university students for their project research.
Visitors listening to nursery rhymes of the Teochew culture and (right) visitors identifying the village structure of Sungai Udang portrayed in an exhibition.
University students presenting their project proposal to judges of the KHIND Projects for Happiness.
KHIND Starfish Foundation CEO, Mr Cheng Ping Keat presenting a poster of the Projects For Happiness programme.

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Locus-T awarded Malaysia’s SME 100 Fast Moving Companies Award 2014

sme100-awards-01LOCUS-T Online Sdn Bhd, an internet marketing agency established and based in Malaysia, was recently awarded the Malaysia’s SME 100 Fast Moving Companies Awards 2014 at Nexus@ Connexion, Bangsar South on December 11, 2014.

SME100 is an Annual Recognition Award programme organised by SME & Entrepreneurship Magazine. The awards identify and recognise Malaysia’s fast moving small and medium enterprises (SMEs) with a focus on growth (turnover, profit and market share) and resilience (best practices, sustainability and vision). Independently researched, ranked and published, SME 100 ranks the top and fast moving companies based on quantitative and qualitative criteria.

The award, in LOCUS-T’s opinion, serves as recognition to the internet marketing agency for having shown great potential, achieved leading excellence in the ICT industry, as well as having contributed to the economic growth of the country. The agency attributes the recognition to the hard work, dedication and perseverance of its employees, and would like to acknowledge the contribution and support of all of the agency’s clients as important elements in enabling LOCUS-T to become the leading player in the agency.

“It is an honour to be given such a prestigious award. This is definitely one of the best ways to end the year of 2014 for us at LOCUS-T. We would strive to provide even better services to our clients in the coming year, and hopefully we would be here again for the award a year later”, said, Joseph Ting, LOCUS-T’s Head of Sales.

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LOCUS-T Online Sdn Bhd acquires Macromac Webtech’s SEO Web Development Business

handshakeLOCUS-T Online Sdn Bhd, an Internet marketing company based in Malaysia, announced today its completion of acquiring SEO and web development business of Macromac Webtech Sdn Bhd (MWSB), a Malaysian operating subsidiary of Marcomac Group of Companies, an ITC solution provider listed in the London Stock Exchange. The transaction was closed on 3 November 2014.

The said acquisition was finalized with a cash consideration of RM60,000, which is expected to further enhance LOCUS-T’s position as the leading internet marketing services provider in Malaysia. LOCUS-T believes that this will enable the company to provide clients of both companies with greater edge in the online marketplace, through greater capabilities to reach target audience more effectively and efficiently, attain greater traffic and conversion, leading to higher Return of Investment (ROI) with their investments.

“MWSB has impressive expertise and track record in SEO and web development, and this acquisition will serve as a good challenge for us. We are confident that we will be able to outperform the said track record laid by MWSB, by providing better, even more comprehensive solutions to our clients,” stated Deric Wong, LOCUS-T’s Head of Operation.

LOCUS-T is an ISO 9001:2008 QMS-certified online marketing company established in year 1999, working closely with and has earned partnership and reseller statuses with three well-known search engines – Google, Baidu and Yahoo!, through providing a variety of online marketing solution to help businesses direct traffic and enhance sales. The company follows strict protocols and is dedicated to deliver services of the highest quality to clients.

More information, please visit

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LOCUS-T sponsored the first ever TEDx@ISKL event

LOCUS-T, a leading online marketing company based in Malaysia, became one of the sponsors of the student-organized TEDx@ISKL event held last Saturday, October 11th, 2014, at the Ampang Campus of the International School of Kuala Lumpur (ISKL).

The brand TEDx is a program consisting of self-organized local events, where “x” denotes that these events are organized independent of TED, bringing people together instead to share TED-like experiences. The TEDx initiative grants free licenses to people around the world to organize TED-style events in their communities with talks and live speakers.

The TED Conference provides the TEDx program with general guidance and subjects the said program to certain rules and regulations, all the while without being directly involved in the TEDx local events.

The TEDx@ISKL event featured speakers from all walks of life with diverse experiences, from the co-founder of a virtual medical clinic and a director of the SportsKid Project, to a renowned slam poet, and two International High School students, attempting to tackle some of humanity’s toughest questions and answered them with innovation, enterprise and enduring optimism.

This diversity is promptly reflected in topics shared, ranging from ways to encourage reading in children, by Andrew Cox, a student of ISKL; to insights about getting creative, by Ming Han Ho, a renowned Malaysian Youtuber; to experiences and details about using the internet to revolutionize healthcare and cut costs, by Dr. Jay Parkinson, CEO and co-founder of Sherpaa, one of the most renowned virtual healthcare services.

Audience comprised of guests, students, parents, alumni, faculty and friends of ISKL, equally as diverse as the speakers and topics shared, whom are of different ages and originated from a number of countries throughout the world, attended the event.


The sponsorship of this event is LOCUS-T’s way of identifying with TED’s mission of upholding the Ideas Worth Spreading spirit, which strives to have world-changing ideas disseminated globally through a series of talks; as well as a way of offering support to local efforts in continuing TED’s mission, by helping organizations, communities and individuals spark deep conversations and connections, to improve learning experience and inspire positive changes.

LOCUS-T, with a mission to help companies based in Malaysia to grow and reach further heights through providing top notch online marketing services, is honored to take part as a sponsor, to support such far-reaching efforts to develop communities and change the world for the better. The company will strive to continue to encourage and support similar events in the future.

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LOCUS-T invited to the Google Partner All-Star Summit 2014

LOCUS-T has been one of the agencies being invited to attend Google’s Partner All-Stars Summit at its headquarters – the Googleplex located at San Jose, California, held on August 27 and 28, 2014.

Googleplex 2014

Arrived at Googleplex at 8am for registration, followed by free flow breakfast

Google Partners is a platform from Google designed to enable online marketing agencies and consultants to get the most out of the relationship with search engine giant. Qualifying for Google Partner status is an uphill struggle, with being certified in the Adwords platform, meeting minimum spend requirements and steadfast adherence to a list of best practices such as the use of ad scheduling and ad extensions, remarketing setup and account optimization, just to name a few.
Googleplex 2014

Welcome all Google Partners around 50+ countries

All attendees from more than 280 Google Partners from over 50 countries invited to the All-Stars Summit at Googleplex got an inside look at a variety of Google’s marketing and beta products, as well as received hands on training from Google experts. Topics, delivered mostly through a series of presentations, were primarily focused on Google Shopping Experience, Google Analytics, YouTube, and Google+, among many others. The learning experience enabled these Google Partners to serve better and take internet marketing standards worldwide to new heights.

“It is our pleasure to be chosen to be a part of this summit with Google Partners from all over the world. This is truly a remarkable learning experience,” said Deric Wong, Head of Operation, who represented LOCUS-T, Malaysia’s first internet marketing agency to be certified as a Google Partner, to attend the international All-Stars Summit event alongside winners from other countries.

Googleplex 2014

Learning a great deal from a total of 11 presentations within TWO days

Being one of the eight from Southeast Asia invited to the All-Stars Summit Trip, LOCUS-T will continue to strive to provide Google AdWords Services of even higher quality, to current and future clients from a myriad of industries in Malaysia, as well as aiming to qualify for the next Google Partner All-Stars Summit event.

LOCUS-T is a Google Partner-certified company experienced and specializes in various internet marketing based services, serving over 1,000 satisfied clients in Malaysia and Singapore throughout the past 14 years. The company follows strict protocols and is dedicated in delivering Google AdWords services that are of the highest quality to clients.

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LOCUS-T, an internet marketing company with 14 years of experience awarded with partnership and reseller statuses by Baidu, Google and Yahoo!, sponsored the fifth Agency of the Year (AOTY) Awards, to celebrate the best advertising and marketing agencies Malaysia has to offer. Other sponsors and partners of this year’s AOTY Awards included HISTORY™, Lifetime, ACTIVE Network, Freeflow Productions and Tiger Beer.

The Agency of the Year (AOTY) Awards ceremony and gala dinner was held by Advertising + Marketing (A + M) Magazine to present the AOTY Awards to winning agencies. The first presentation of the awards were held in Singapore back in 2008, to celebrate the best of the best within the industry according to the people that really mattered; their clients. AOTY Awards were then expanded to Hong Kong and Malaysia in 2010, to cater to agencies operating in these markets. The prestigious awards served as a challenge for agencies to out-perform each other and eventually raising the bar for the industry in their respective local markets. With 2014 marking the fifth year of its inception, the AOTY Awards vowed to continue striving to serve as Malaysia’s leading barometer for agency performance across key marketing disciplines.

LOCUS-T’s main objective of sponsoring the awards was to promote the company’s internet marketing services and products, now further enhanced with the strategic marketing partnership with Baidu, to the participating agencies of the awards, as well as their client marketers. LOCUS-T hoped that through providing the agencies with excellent internet marketing services with Baidu, the additional marketing channel gained would yield them better results in terms of both revenue and number of target clients/customers, thus taking their businesses to greater heights.

The most notable winner in this year’s awards would be Leo Burnett / Arc Worldwide, which won the ultimate Overall Agency of the Year Award back in 2012 and this year, managing to pull off an impressive feat of bag seven Gold awards out of the ten AOTY Awards categories. Thirty campaign-based MARKies awards were also awarded that night, with Publicis Malaysia winning the Overall Creative Ideas MARKie, and Mindshare Malaysia claiming the Best Media Usage MARKie.

LOCUS-T was honoured to be a sponsor to one such prestigious event, and will strive to provide better assistance in the form of high quality internet marketing services, to the cream of the crop in the advertising and marketing industry in Malaysia, allowing them to grow further and perform at even higher standards.

For more about LOCUS-T’s Google AdWords Advertising, please click here.

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As part of the ongoing efforts of helping local businesses in Malaysia to reach the vast market in China via the internet, as well as expand its internet user base in Malaysia, Baidu has held a FMM Biz Talk titled “The Gateway to China: Baidu Search Engine Marketing (SEM)” on last Friday, May 9, 2014, from from 9am to 12pm at Wisma FMM, Bandar Sri Damansara, Kuala Lumpur.


Ken Tao, Sales Director of South East Asia from Baidu Inc, served as the speaker of the day. Among the attendees of the talk were the CEOs and CIOs, export, marketing, sales managers and executives, IT managers and executives of various local businesses in Malaysia, as well as other persons interested in creating a presence in China, via the services offered by the number one search engine in China.

The event was divided into mainly three sessions, first of which were the comprehensive introduction of Baidu Search Marketing and its related services. The next session focused on how to utilize Baidu’s services to effectively create an online presence and tap into the vast market of China. Finally, the event was ended in an amiable atmosphere of a networking session between attendees of the day and Baidu. As the first official strategic partner of Baidu in Malaysia, LOCUS-T supported the event by assisting in the various vital setups in organizing the talk.

Topics discussed within the sessions included detailed elaborations of Baidu Search Marketing, and specifics in penetrating the Chinese market by utilizing Baidu’s 95% coverage of the internet users, and network of 600,000 affiliate websites in China. The latest information pertaining to vital statistics like internet usage and landscape in China was also covered during the talk, in order to give the attendees a better picture of what things are like in today’s market of China.

These insights would serve local businesses by facilitating easier targeting of potential clients and customers, as well as better decisions regarding the incorporation of services offered by Baidu in their respective marketing strategies. The networking session did not only allow for contacts to be expanded and new business opportunities created among local businesses, but also allow attendees to get to know Baidu better and gain further insights by mingling with Mr. Tao personally.

As Baidu’s only strategic partner here in Malaysia, LOCUS-T is confident that this talk would serve as the first step for local businesses to reach greater heights, via expanding into one of the largest markets in the world. LOCUS-T will continue to deliver concrete results with high quality services and does its best to serve as Baidu’s liaison with local businesses, to contribute in propelling Malaysian businesses into the international stage.

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A comprehensive short training session was provided by Baidu for sales and marketing personnel of LOCUS-T, the only marketing partner of the search engine giant in Malaysia, on February 28, here in Malaysia to further strengthen understanding regarding the partnership and to reiterate the strengths of Baidu Search Marketing in greater detail, as well as allowing Baidu to learn more about LOCUS-T.

Ken Tao, Baidu’s Sales Director of South East Asia was the appointed representative and trainer for this visit. Unlike LOCUS-T’s visit to Baidu’s headquarters in China earlier, the training session was done in a classroom setting. While Baidu focused on introducing elaborating on technological resources at the disposal, the focus on this training session leaned more on the operation aspect – the hands-on part of the system which enabled Baidu to top the search market in China with a market penetration of 81%.

The training began with numbers – various statistics depicting Baidu’s growth within the last decade, past and current share in the search market, revenue of both the search engine giant and the affiliate businesses and brands, how Baidu Advertising does in comparison with other forms of advertising, and so on. The session then moved on to future goals and business model of, and by extension, advantages and benefits of working with, Baidu, among them being to become a house in over half the world’s countries, as expected of one of the leading companies in the world with an annual revenue of 5.3 billion USD in 2013.

Specifics of Baidu’s operations made the final, and most crucial, part of the session, with illustrations of various modes on how advertisements are displayed, how quality scores and prices are measured, the introduction of the “Feng Chao” system analyzing internet user preferences and how it is applied on advertising, the system of fees, the specifics and workings of Baidu products like Brand Zone, the workflow of managing deals with affiliate websites and so on.

Like LOCUS-T’s visit to China, the training session was accomplished in an amicable atmosphere and LOCUS-T’s personnel enjoyed the session as much as the representative from the company’s marketing partner enjoyed giving it. The session ended with a brief tour in LOCUS-T’s office located in Section 17, Petaling Jaya, introducing Mr. Tao to the rest of the staffs and giving a brief introduction to the company’s daily workings.

From this training session, LOCUS-T not only gained significantly greater understanding of the intricate day-to-day workings of Baidu which made it what it is today, the lessons learned here will also prove to be useful in upgrading LOCUS-T’s own operations, in providing better pay per click (PPC) services to local businesses and brands, befitting the status as Baidu’s only marketing partner in the country.

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