The Craft of Link Building

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Just like keyword research and quality content, link building is another integral component of any successful SEO campaign. SEO experts agree that links are one of the most important factors for effective SEO.


Also known as backlinks or external links, these are HTML hyperlinks that bring users to another website when clicked. To rank higher in search engine results, your website should have plenty of trustworthy links.


Why is it important?

The simplest explanation is to establish authority for your site. Establishing trust and authoritativeness for your website is one of the best ways of generating more traffic.


Inbound links act as little indicators that your site is trusted and has quality content. Assume that you are looking for a nice café to have dinner. You would definitely go for the café that has 10 recommendations rather than those without.


This is why links are important as they tell people that “Hey, this site is legit!”


Other than that, it also helps to establish your brand presence. Having many relevant and quality links will show that your site is an authority within that particular niche.


With more people coming into your site, you will be able to better market your brand. In the long term, people will automatically relate that niche to your website.


Quantity Vs Quality

There should not even be a debate when it comes to prioritizing quantity or quality.


Having quality links from reputable sites are definitely much better than having a bunch of them from dodgy content farms. Google is getting smarter has even launched an update that penalizes those that spam or buy links from such farms.


Other than that, link building is also a two-way affair. Your website should contain both inbound and outbound links.


Before you even start working on your links, you must have something worth linking to in the first place. This is why the best SEO practice is to have unique and quality content that appeals to your audience.


For new websites, don’t worry about the number of quality links that you can get. Just focus on making your website more user-friendly and appealing. Also, make sure that you write authentic and engaging content.


Once that is done, you can begin by submitting your website for listings or referrals from other authoritative sites. If all goes well, you might even get a link or two from renowned sites.


It’s always the same, start small and work with what you have. Generate good content and you will be rewarded in the long term.


TLDR – Too Long, Didn’t Read

Link building is a method of establishing authority and trust for your website. That being said, having quality links is better than a bunch of links purchased from shady link farms. Making quality connections is the definitive recipe for success.


If you still have any questions about link building or SEO in general, do contact us today!

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