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OK let’s get to the point – what is HTTPS anyway? Is it really necessary for you to switch your site over and is it worth the hassle of doing so?


The argument for HTTP and HTTPS has been a long-standing one. Until recently, the majority of websites that use HTTPS are e-commerce platforms. However, in 2014 Google announced that HTTPS sites will receive a minor bump in search rankings. This means that using HTTPS lets you gain a competitive edge over those who do not.


Let’s get to basics

HTTP stands for Hypertext Transfer Protocol. It is basically a set of rules that allows web browsers and servers to communicate with each other. One of the problems that stick out like a sore thumb is the fact that information is not encrypted. Sensitive information such as banking details and passwords can be easily stolen!


On the other hand, HTTPS is short for Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure. If the extra word is any indication, HTTPS protocols use a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) certificate. This creates a secure encrypted connection that protects your sensitive information. This is why e-commerce sites that deal with large amounts of transactions have always used this to protect payment details. However, HTTPS is unable to prevent hackers from stealing from cached pages on the browser.


How HTTPS can improve your SEO efforts

Boost your rankings

Coming out from Google itself, HTTPS sites will be rewarded with a bump in search engine rankings. This means that more people are likely to visit your site through organic searches. This alone should be sufficient to get you to switch over to HTTPS.


Security and trust

It’s a simple fact – would you rather buy items from a secure encrypted website or one that is not? All of us would go for the former without even hesitating. Knowing that the website is safe and encrypted helps to build trust among visitors. Users can visit your site safely knowing that all of their sensitive and confidential information is protected. This could also potentially mean better leads and purchases.


Mobile optimization

Google created Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMP) to load content on mobile devices quickly. As many studies have shown, fast page loading speed is one of the major criteria users look for. Not to mention that the majority of internet users are now surfing through mobile devices. To use AMP features, you need to have HTTPS.


In short, HTTPS can do a lot for your site. If you wish to switch over but have no idea on how to do so, send us a message today! As one of the most experienced digital marketing agencies around, we can definitely work out a solution for you.

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