What is SEO in 2019?

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image of SEO information in 2019

Effective SEO is all about keeping yourselves ahead of the pack. As more websites compete to earn the coveted top search results, making sure that you are well-informed can let you dominate the search rankings. Use the most efficient strategies, while adapting for any upcoming trends. Here are some of the things that you should know about SEO in 2019.

Fewer organic clicks

Nowadays, many websites are experiencing less organic clicks largely due to more advanced SERP features and Google Ads. Users are able to obtain more information through rich snippets, FAQs and knowledge boxes in the results page. More ads also mean that those who pay for them are more likely to get higher clicks. All of these mean that optimizing your website is more important than ever to compete for those few precious top spots.

Know how users search

Long gone are the days where simply optimizing for keywords is able to generate more traffic. Nowadays, an effective SEO strategy needs to take into account search intent. Once you know why people are searching for that particular keyword, then you can carry out better optimization strategies. The best method is simply by trial and error.

Mobile-friendly optimization

As mobile searches get more popular, search engines like Google are now using mobile versions of your website for indexing. This means that your mobile site will now heavily affect search result rankings. With mobile searches on an upward trend, making sure that your website is optimized for mobile-friendliness will be a huge boost.

The need for speed

Page speed is one of the most important aspects of your website. Many studies have already shown that users expect a webpage to load within 2-3 seconds. Any more than that and you may risk them exiting the site already. Faster load speeds will lead to a better user experience.

Schema Markup

As rich snippets and more advanced SERP features affect website traffic, Schema Markup is more than just about letting the search engine know what your website is all about. Effective Schema Markup allows the SERP to display useful information such as reviews, contact details, mailing address and other relevant information.

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