5 Effective Ways to Optimize Your Keyword Usage

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Effective Keywords

Let’s say you own a clothing brand in Kuala Lumpur.  You’re just starting out but you’ve got the means and the budget for an effective online campaign.

The aim of your campaigns is to establish a digital presence and create awareness for itself. So this means that you’ll have to be on top of your SEO game to make it happen.

But after 5 months of producing consistent content, your website is still stuck on the 20th page of Google search results. You wonder what you’re doing wrong.

Is your content too long? Is it too descriptive? Is that even a thing? Did you fail to follow certain guidelines?

All of these questions plague your mind. Just what exactly are you doing wrong?

In reality, while your content matters, it’s actually the type of keywords you use that make all the difference!

1. Use Synonyms

One of the best things about Google is that it’s great at identifying similar words. So if you’re running out of keywords to implement into your content, use synonyms.

For example:

  • Auto repairs
  • Auto inspection services
  • Auto upgrades
  • Auto repair service

Synonyms you can use: fix, mend, restoration, restore, customization, installation etc.

Despite the fact that Google isn’t aware of the intent of the keywords, it can still identify keyword clusters and create search results based on the core of these keywords and synonyms.

2. Use a Keyword Research Tool

If you believe that businesses create their own keywords, that’s far from the truth. You will need to use a keyword finder to find relevant keywords in your field/industry. For this, Google AdWords is the perfect software that will help you find the right keywords.

3. Split The Keywords/Placement Matters

How you optimize keywords makes all the difference. Don’t make the rookie mistake of inserting them wherever you feel they look good.

Keywords need to be strategically placed so that the content looks natural. You don’t want it to look too “sales-y,” i.e., making the reader uncomfortable.

Think about it.

Would you invest in a brand if it comes on too strong about how great they are? When you read an article, it should be convincing. An article should allow the reader to make decisions but also appeal to them.

For example: you have to use the keyword “auto repair services.”

Our auto repair services are reliable. If you’re looking for auto repair services in XYZ, we assure you that we are the best in the industry.

So get in touch with us for reliable auto repairs.

While this may not look as bad, it can drive away clients because it’s overwhelming to read. Notice how the paragraph uses “auto repair shop” multiple times. Repetition can distract readers and even drive them away!

Now take this example:

Are you looking for reliable auto repair services in KL? Feel free to contact us at 03-11223123.

Whether it’s repairs or maintenance, we offer reliable and quick solutions for all your automobile needs!

This example is more elaborate, talks about the services and the benefits of hiring the company. But more than that, it has strategically utilized the keyword without overwhelming the reader.

4. Analyze the Keywords

Just because Google AdWords gives you a set of keywords doesn’t mean you should use all of them. You need to analyze which keywords will be more beneficial.

Pick the keywords accordingly. On the bright side, you’ll get a Google Search Volume list that will show you how effective the keywords generated are.

For example:

  • Auto Repairs – 320
  • Auto Repair Shop – 320
  • Auto Inspection Services – 260
  • Fix Your Automobile – 160

This way, you can decide which keywords to pick.

5. Determine How Competitive Your Keywords Are

Google Ads uses a special algorithm to help you evaluate the value of your keywords. This will help you get a picture of how competitive your keywords are.

When you’re competing with different businesses in the same industry, you need to be on top of your game.

You’ll get a list of opportunity scores of the keywords and from there you can decide which ones to use.

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