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Being the first domestic internet marketing company in Malaysia to be accredited as an official Google AdWords Certified Partner and Yahoo! Search Marketing (SEA) Authorised Reseller is a statement enough, to show LOCUS-T’s dedication in delivering high quality services to its clients. And now, as a further proof of professionalism, LOCUS-T is also recently became the only company in the country awarded Strategic Partnership by the most used search engine in China – Baidu.

With an internet user coverage of 95%, a market share of more than 80% in the search market, as well as a content network consists of 600,000 high-quality websites in China, Baidu is quickly becoming not only a familiar tool used frequently online among common internet users in the country, but also a useful online marketing solution for businesses and brands to enhance awareness and sales there as well, catering up to 5 billion searches of all kinds every day. Being the largest Chinese language search engine in the world as well, familiarity with Baidu extends beyond the borders of the most populous nation in the world, making it probably the most familiar search engine after Google and Yahoo! to Chinese-speaking internet users worldwide.

Baidu’s key strength in online marketing lies within the ability to connect businesses from a myriad of industries to their respective consumers effectively and affordably. This is accomplished mainly though Baidu Search Marketing, Baidu Content Network and Baidu Brand Zone – tried and tested services and tools throughout the years that enable businesses to reach out to their respective potential customers with precision, thus creating lasting positive brand image in consumers effectively and maximizing return-on-investments (ROI) using comparatively low investments for businesses, preventing wastage both monetarily and in time, which is prevalent in conventional forms of marketing like television commercials and print advertisements. Consumers also benefited from these services provided as they help save time and minimize hassle in searching for products and services required.

Being the only company with strategic partner status with Baidu in Malaysia, LOCUS-T can now bring the products and services provided by Baidu, along with its huge network of businesses and customers, into the domestic market. This will allow local businesses of all sizes to tap into a market that is the largest in the world and previously unexplored by many here, thus enabling local businesses grow exponentially. LOCUS-T will assist local businesses in this regard, together with Baidu, with what the company does best – enhance rankings of businesses in search engines, direct online traffic and bring in more users to websites of businesses and brands through the use of a variety of search engine optimization (SEO) techniques.


LOCUS-T is a company experienced and specializes in various internet marketing based services, working closely with and has earned partnership and reseller statuses with three well-known search engines – Google, Baidu and Yahoo!. The company follows strict protocols and is dedicated in delivering services that are of the highest quality to clients.


Company Name- LOCUS-T ONLINE
Telephone Number- + 603-7956 2173 (Malaysia)
Fax Number- + 603-7956 2176 (Malaysia)
Email Address- sales(dot)my(at)locus-t(dot)com
Website Address –

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