Google’s New Keyword Planner – How to use & what’s Changed?

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Most of us will agree with the fact that Google has changed the way we use Internet. From storing documents and attracting customers with Google AdWords to sending money via Google wallet, the company has impressed us with innovative solutions. Recently Google has launched another revolutionary service – Google Keyword Planner (Read

Google Keyword Planner

New layout, simple & clean

While discussing about the advantages and features of the new Google Keyword Planner in a single article is difficult, we will briefly point out how to use it in the best possible way and the changes that it has introduced. For knowing more about Google’s new Keyword Planner, read on.

What’s New about Google’s New Keyword Planner?

New Keyword Planner

Find new keywords related to your website, product or service

  1. The new Keyword Planner offers an extensive range of features. For example, using this planner, you can find new keywords, based on the product/services you offer and the landing page URL. You can also use different criteria, such as, search network, language and country for acquiring more accurate estimates on results for respective keywords.
  2. Another interesting fact about the new Keyword Planner is that it acts as a ‘wizard’ for developing AdWords campaigns. This Keyword Planner takes the advertiser through several steps, such as, choosing keywords for incorporating them in the ‘Keywords Plan’, acquiring approximate budget estimates for the selected keywords, and finally, exporting your data. In general, unlike the old keywords tool, the new keyword planner acts like a shopping cart.
  3. Another interesting fact about the new Keyword Planner is that it can combine different keyword lists. Let us assume that you specialize in car dealership. Now, using the new Keyword Planner, you can prepare a keyword list that contains names of the cars and the areas where you offer your service. Thereafter, you can also acquire estimates on the new keywords.

Now that we have highlighted the features of the new Keyword Planner, we will discuss the best ways of using it.


Choose either one for your search campaign

  1. Find Keywords – As stated earlier, with the new keyword planner, you can find keywords based on several options. After filling up the form, click on the “Get Ideas” option. You will be redirected to a page, which contains two tabs-“Ad Group” and “Keyword Ideas”. While the Ad Group option offers information about AdWords campaign, the Keyword Ideas option offers information about SEO keywords.
  2. Acquire Estimates on Keywords – The new keyword planner provides a person with traffic estimates as well as AdWords information about the keywords that you have typed in.
  3. Create Customized Campaigns – If you have already selected some keywords based on your prior research or via an alternative tool, you can upload it in the new planner and perform tasks, such as, filtering and organizing keywords.
  4. Hope this discussion helped you in understanding Google AdWords and Keyword Planner in a better way.

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