How to create an effective Landing Page

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A landing page can be central to conversion rates. When a paid search advertisement directs web users to a homepage, there is a lesser chance that a web user will decide to buy the products or hire the services which are mentioned. A landing page cannot simply contain a webshop – it must convince web users to want to choose it over others. When a landing page is optimised, there is a higher chance that more sales will be generated. Here is how an effective landing page can be created:

Technically optimised
Even if a landing page contains relevant keywords, it must also be technically optimised. Metadata should be used wisely and only relevant title tags present. Being technically optimised is just as important for a landing page as having keywords which discuss its products or services.

Language must engage audiences
The content which is on a landing page shouldn’t contain waffle. It must be straight to the point and written in a convincing style so that a web user chooses the products or services which are discussed. Having content which connects with a web user on an emotional level is highly recommended, especially as what can be purchased or hired could alleviate their fears.

Consider a personal approach
If a landing page is written in the third person, a web user doesn’t make an instant connection to the content they’re reading. By addressing the reader in the first person (I, You) they can instantly connect to what they are reading. It also gives a company a relatable, human touch.

Utilise testimonials
Statements which are by previous customers can be in a landing page. Demonstrating how choosing a particular product benefitted their life, testimonials should not be overused but scattered at specific moments that can capture the attention of the reader.

Include images
Photographs of products which can be bought should be on a landing page. When images are carefully placed, they won’t distract the reader from the text but convince them that they should be bought. If a landing page doesn’t have a photograph, its conversion rate will be much lower.

Have a Call to Action
A Call to Action (CTA) should be at the bottom of a landing page. By highlighting the many benefits of choosing particular products or services, a CTA can point web users in the direction of a webshop. An effective CTA can actually make a huge difference in how high conversion rates are.

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