How to choose an AdWords Agency?

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AdWords can help a company of any age. It doesn’t matter whether it recently formed or has been around for years – AdWords can boost online sales. Although a company could do this themselves, it is recommended that an AdWords agency is chosen. If an organisation hasn’t hired an AdWords agency before, here is some advice on how to do so:

Constant support
When an AdWords agency doesn’t provide support, this is infuriating. They might not have a support team that can give updates about an AdWords campaign or the resources to complete it properly. Before choosing an AdWords agency, they should be researched and questions asked about whether they are able to offer the type of assistance which an organisation is looking for.

Certified Google AdWords Partner
An AdWords agency might claim that their support cannot be bettered elsewhere. When it is certified as a Google AdWords Partner, they have the relevant skills which can be utilised in order to drive sales. LOCUS-T is a Malaysian company that has been certified as a Google AdWords Partner for the past fourteen years. Every client that contacts them can benefit from their extensive experience, especially as LOCUS-T work closely with them at all times. As LOCUS-T’s is ISO 9001 Quality Management System compliant, they are able to complete an AdWords campaign to the best of their ability.

A strong financial history
If an AdWords agency doesn’t have the financial means to support their endeavours, they won’t be able to provide a fast response because they might only employ part-time staff. Queries should be answered by a professional Search Engine Analyst as soon as they are sent. When a quick response is provided, their clients will be given peace of mind and a harmonious working relationship continues.

Extensive consultation
Regular meetings should be arranged with the Account Manager who is ultimately responsible for completing an AdWords campaign. Even if an AdWords agency is in another country, meetings can still be held via Skype. During a consultation meeting, any concerns which a client has can be raised. Facts and figures should also be produced about the impact which an AdWords campaign is having and whether it has led to an increase in sales. When multiple meetings are held every month, a positive working relationship will happen because both parties arefully satisfied. If an AdWords agency cannot organise many meetings every couple of weeks, choose another.

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