6 AdWords Tips for a New Advertiser

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It doesn’t matter how long ago a company formed because it can benefit from AdWords. A form of PPC (Pay Per Click), AdWords is a successful type of marketing because advertisements appear in relevant areas. When it is accessible by web users that are looking to buy products or hire the services which a company specialises in, its sales figures will more than likely increase. If an advertiser hasn’t used AdWords before, here are a couple of tips to consider:

A daily budget
When a company’s budget is less than what Google stipulates, there is a strong chance that advertisements will appear infrequently. A budget can be maintained by including negative keywords in an advert and focusing it on the town or city which a business’s head offices are in.

Don’t get involved in a bidding war
The keywords which a company wants to use can cost a lot of money. However, by focusing on other terms and phrases as part of an AdWords campaign which don’t cost as much, ROI can improve because a lesser amount of money is spent.

Put in a higher bid for matching keywords
When a higher bid is made for exact matches, it can have a much more positive ROI. If more money is bid on an entire phrase, it is more likely to be found when compared to a solitary word.

Choose device targeting
If a company specialises in selling high quality electrical goods, an AdWords campaign can focus on those who are more likely to buy them. Both text and image ads can appear on desktop computers, a laptop and also a handheld device. By choosing to focus a campaign on a particular device, it is targeted more directly at those who will more than likely convert into a sale.

Monitor performance
If an AdWords campaign is not monitored, its effectiveness isn’t tracked. By finding out whether there are any adjustments which should be made, the success of an AdWords campaign is known. As it can be costly to run, no money at all should be wasted. If it isn’t monitored, the changes that should be made to make it more effective won’t be identified.

Embrace negative keywords
When negative keywords are included in an AdWords campaign, there is a greater chance that a website will be found. For example, a company that sells high quality fountain pens might be targeted at affluent customers. By including ‘fountain pens only’, a landing page won’t be visited by irrelevant customers – a parent looking to buy stationary for their children is an example of such. Having relevant negative keywords is just as important as including positive terms and phrases.

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